About WellSport

WellSport is a well-designed union of successful practitioners in the Austin area focused on one thing: getting patients back to optimum physical health as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our unique system is a methodical approach to obtaining lasting results for pain relief, prevention of disability, and performance enhancement. Most importantly, our team understands the needs and mechanics important to your circumstances. Your program should be catered to you and your activity – it’s not a “one size fits all” kind of treatment.

More About Our Approach

Our Services
  • Chiropractic
  • Physical Therapy
  • Myofascial Release
  • Adjustments
  • Rehabilitative and Corrective Exercise
  • Functional Strength
  • Sports Specific Performance Training
  • SFMA Screens
  • Post-Surgical Rehabilitation
  • Kinesiology Taping
  • Dry Needling
  • Blood Flow Restriction
  • Piezowave
  • Massage (Sports, 60/90 Minute Massage, Targeted Treatment)
Corporate Wellness

WellSport provides corporate wellness programs that offer cutting edge and comprehensive care to employees for companies of all sizes. Some of our clients include high-end tech companies, medical and dental practices, financial advisories, and energy companies as well as aerospace engineering and manufacturing facilities in the greater Austin area.

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Experienced Team

7Phases of Rehabilitation

At WellSport, everything we do is based on data, scientific research, and objective tests. This is how we determine where you begin your journey through our seven phases of rehab. It is vital to understand each individual’s pain levels and abilities in order to truly design a custom program. Alignment of patient needs and patient wants is what the WS7 is all about.

Assessment & Diagnostics
Control / Activation
Power & Reactive Ability
Linear & multi-Directional Running
Performance & Maintenance
Here's What
Our Clients Have to Say:

We’re so lucky to know WellSport. Our entire family has been fortunate enough to benefit from their wonderful approach to healing.

Ben Crenshaw2 Time Masters Champion, Member of World Golf Hall of Fame

Everyone needs an advocate to keep their body functioning effectively for long periods of time. I have referred over 100 friends, family members and clients to WellSport over the last decade–one came from as far as Canada just to work with their team. Not only is WellSport the best in Austin, they are likely some of the best in their craft. I cannot offer higher regards.

Jesse O’BrienOwner, Central Athlete

WellSport prevented me from getting surgery and strengthened me to the point of being able to play professionally again. Their evaluation, plan development and integration goes way beyond traditional rehab. I believe they have not only saved my career, but lengthened it.

Nick Watney5 Time Winner, PGA Tour

I appreciate the personalization at every appointment. I use WellSport for specific treatment, as well as full body tune ups.

Rachel DonovanSoulCycle Instructor

My job requires the ability to withstand hours of focus in a position that is not ideal for the body. WellSport keeps it simple and fixes me quick.

Tyson ColeSushi Chef

I owe my level of fitness today to the pre and post surgery support I received from the WellSport team. I am stronger than ever before and after five years of intense training and heavy lifting I have absolutely zero pain in my hip!

Amanda O’BrienOwner, Central Athlete

When something is needed beyond massage, I only trust WellSport for my clients.

Becki Meier, LMT

The Knowledge and skill set that WS provides is unparalleled- I always leave feeling more informed and aware of my body. Thank you for creating a space where I can learn how to heal my body and be more aware of my imbalances.

Gustavo PadronWanderlust & SoulCycle Instructor

During my racing career WellSport always helped keep my body tuned and able to handle a higher training load. Now as a coach I trust them with all of my athletes.

Kristian HouseCycling Coach, Former Professional and 2009 British National Champion
Best of the Best

Wellsport’s own Kyler Brown was recently designated First Place Chiropractor in Austin’s “Best of the Best Awards” for 2020. We are proud of Kyler and the incredible work he performs on a daily basis here at Wellsport.

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