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Finding the Right Path to Healing: A Customized Approach

Our mission at Wellsport has always been to LISTEN to your goals and help you realize them. Walking through our office on any given day, you might see a patient who has had multiple surgical procedures, youth athletes, NFL athletes, runners, weekend warriors, or any number of other individuals working to improve strength and function and / or decrease pain.

Each of these patients has not just a different history, but also a different set of goals for the future. While some patients need to get back to performing at a high athletic level, others might just want to be able to walk without nagging pain and stiffness. And because each patient is unique, the way we help them heal also has to be unique.

If you’re going to heal somebody, you have to know what their goals are so that you can know what success looks like to them.

The Customized Approach

Traditional franchise PT involves a cookie cutter approach without customization. So two patients with knee problems might receive very similar courses of treatment even though they have very different lives, goals, and histories. It should then be no wonder that after this generalized approach those two patients might not have the results that they wanted.

Time and again, we hear from patients who have gone for physical therapy and have simply been given the same folder of exercises that are given to everyone. Your arm hurts? Do these exercises. Ankle hurts? Do these stretches. Back pain? Lose weight and do these stretches. It’s no surprise that after a few weeks or months, these patients are still struggling and are no closer to meeting their goals.

What does “being healed” mean to you? The path to healing for an NFL player with a repaired ACL should look a lot different from the path for a patient recovering from a knee replacement. Two different people, two different procedures, two different protocols. If you’re going to heal somebody, you have to know what their goals are so that you can know what success looks like to them.

That is why at Wellsport, we create a customized plan for each patient based on their history, their current situation, and most importantly, on the future they want for themselves and their body.

A Team Behind You

At Wellsport, developing your plan and putting it in motion are team efforts. We have a staff full of doctors and licensed therapists who not only offer a huge range of scientifically proven therapies, but who also communicate and collaborate with one another to fully integrate their approaches. That way, each step in the therapy has the maximum effect by building on the others.

And at Wellsport, we want to work with your whole team. Have a trainer you work with? Great! We want to get on the same page with them and support the program they have you on. Have a coach? We want to hear about the goals they have for you and how they need you to perform. Recovering from surgery? We can talk to your surgeon and make sure we understand what you’ve been through and any limitations you might have.

Our goal is to understand the big picture of your healing and be a part of the team that gets you well. By knowing you, understanding your goals, diagnosing your current situation, and working in an effective and collaborative way, we can create and implement a plan that produces real and lasting healing, and not just a quick fix.

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