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Important Note:

Receipt of the program does not constitute a doctor/patient relationship with WellSport. This program is not aiming to treat any diagnosed condition or provide/supersede medical advise. You assume the risk that comes with starting an exercise program and understand that you should always be cleared by your health care provider before beginning an exercise regimen.

Performance Intro
Performance Workout 1
World’s Greatest Stretch


Bird Dog

Exercise Group 1
Sidestepping with Band

Kettlebell RDL

Split Squat

Exercise Group 2
Cossak Squat/Lateral Lunge

Single Leg RDL

Calf Raise (single or double)

Bridge Walk Out

Performance Workout 2
1/2 Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch


Plank to Plank Saw

Flamingo on Wall

Exercise Group 1
Hip Thruster

Lunge with Rotation

Bulgarian Split Squat

Exercise Group 2
Goblet Squat

Curtsy Lunge

Single Leg RDL

3 Position Plank Circuit